DIY Whole House Water Filter with Backwash feature

Updated 31-May-2017

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You can build a complete Whole House Sediment Water Filter cheaply for your own use or sell it to others. This water filter is very effective water treatment system providing you with crystal clear water for the whole house. When you successfully built it, you can build more and stock them to sell (below is my stock that I always keep due to request from friends and neighbors!)

What you will have in the end is a filter as effective as pictured below. The black muddy water that comes out from the filter body is the trapped sediment discharged during the Backwash process.


Or watch this recorded video during the BACKWASH process which discharges all the trapped sediment from the filter media.  WATCH HERE

First of all you need to know that the water you get into your house is not clean at all. To prove this, just place a simple sediment filter (transparent filter as pictured below) at the entry point of the water supply into your house. Within minutes you will see the filter turns from white to dark brown in color. The suspended solids in the forms of dirts and oily material stucked on the filter surface and turned the color into dark brown. This proves the water is full with sediment which is harmful to you as well changing the color of your clothes in the washing machine!

You can use this type of sediment filter to get cleaner water into your house but you have to do a lot of work to get it replaced regularly. You have to keep stock of the filter element to ensure your water is always filtered. With the amount of water being filtered on daily basis, you have to change it at least once in one or two weeks.

If you failed to regularly change it, the filter element will be compressed and at no time, it will crumple and the sediment it trapped will find its way into your house. This is the point when you see the dirt comes into your washing machine. The picture on the left shows the observation.

What is the solution?
Many people choose to install few thousand dollars filter and place it at the point of entry to solve the problem. However, is it really worth to spend such a big amount of money? What you need is not the fancy look of the filter or the logo printed on the filter or the super materials it uses – these are the elements that the sales people are stressing and pushing the cost back to you!

What is the purpose of using high technology material to build expensive filter when your inner pipes are still made of galvanized steel and normal PVC pipes?– what you need really is just a simple filter that does the same function as the expensive ones but is built using common materials used in your house piping or plumbing system!

What if you could build the filter yourself using the common materials that you can easily get from the local hardware stores? Definitely you save a lot and you have the satisfaction of looking at your own piece of work!

The pictures below show how effective this DIY sediment filter is. The trapped sediment, which was accumulated for a period of about one week is backwashed and discharged out from the DIY filter body. The color of the discharged backwashed water proves the effectiveness of the filter media in trapping the sediments.

Why am I sharing this with you?

My initial plan was to build this filter on my own and sell it cheaply so that many people will benefit from my work. I managed to build, sell and install them at various locations nationwide. The demand grows very rapidly and I find myself not able to supply if I were to do them all by myself.

Then I thought it would be better if I could document the procedures and share it with those interested to either built the filter for themselves cheaply or built the filters and sell them cheaply to others. This will definitely benefit more people and present people with opportunity to run a small backyard industry and serve their local community in solving water problem.

So I spent some time to write the step by step procedures with complete list of required materials so others could easily follow. As I had spend considerably lots of time, energy and money to come to this stage, I thought it should be fair for anyone interested in this work to pay to get access to the procedures of building the filter.  While writing this, I thought that this is such a great opportunity for those who like to make some extra money while helping others.  I initially shared the procedure for US$99 a copy but after a lot of changes in the commercial filter market, I decided to share this much cheaper.  This gives opportunity to those who discover this first to take action and benefit greatly and at the same time regulate the market.

What will you get?

Material list

Procedures in building all subassemblies of the filter

Procedures to assemble all the subassemblies to form a complete filter

Procedures in testing the completed filter

Installation instructions

Operating instructions

Maintenance information

How will you benefit?

You save from spending hundred or thousand of dollars for the overpriced water filter!

You can turn this into a small backyard industry. Build many units, then sell them to your neighbor (cheaply) or to others that you know. Help the local community to enjoy better water quality cheaply!

You don’t have to do hard sell to get customers, just invite them to witness the backwash process you do every week and show them how bad the water is. They will surely ask you to build one for them!

One unit you sell, you already profited from what you pay for this procedure.

Materials used are all common plumbing materials you can easily get at your local hardware stores and they are cheap.

All the materials used are with standard connectors and you only required to follow instructions to assemble them together to form a complete unit.

What is the prerequisite to ensure this is a success?

You need to have some basic knowledge in plumbing work. If you know how to securely attach a water tap to the threaded pipe and glue or cement the PVC pipes to the connectors, you should be fine.

You need to be able to logically think of the sequence of attaching the parts to each other to make up a proper leak proof subassembly. The procedures help you to certain extend but you need to think of logical sequence sometimes. This will help you to sharpen your logical thought!

You need patience! Some of the parts that you glued or cemented require some time to cure especially the large areas. Give it a time to cure. The procedures highlight the place where you should pay more attention to cure the joint.

You need to do this right the first time especially ones related to glue or cement the parts to each other. If you missed following the procedures, you might have to purchase new parts due to the parts you miss-glued are not recoverable.

What are your obligations?

I share this with you so you can benefit from my hard work by paying just a very tiny fraction of what I have spent. You can sell the filter you built following these procedures but you have to honor the fact that the procedure you purchased is only for your own use. Please get others to purchase their copy here or by writing to

If you agree with the obligations and are ready to purchase the procedure, please pay  ONLY US$49.95 ONLY US$24.95 and you have the right to make some extra money by selling the completed products to your eager customers! I reserve the right to increase price anytime I feel suitable.  This price is only for a limited time offer.

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Thank you for your attention and Good luck

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Some installed units (those I remembered to take pictures)